More amazing names are joining Arenal Sound festival this year! Belako,DELOREAN, Edu Imbernon,DORIAN DJ, The Zombie Kids, SPACE ELEPHANTS, Los Chikos del Maíz página oficial, Eme DJ, Ley Dj, Dulceida, The Tripletz, El Kanka, Eyes Of Providence, Ed is Dead, Correos, Mediterranean Roots, Funkiwi’s, Tardor,Mr.K! Tickets from € 35 to the 29th of may or end of stock www.arenalsound.com/entradas/entradas-festival



Diaries at the ready, Downloaders – stage times are now up! Take a break from your DL prep and head to the line up page, because we’ve revealed set times across the board for music stages, NXT appearances, comedy shows and the two late-night hotspots, The Doghouse and The Pound. Looking for a specific music stage? We’ve got the Lemmy Stage, Encore Stage, Maverick Stage and The Dogtooth Stage ready for your planning pleasure. We know you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the full schedule, and we’ve been just as excited to share the timetables we’ve meticulously pored over so you can fit in as much entertainment as possible. There’s a lot to select from this year, so happy choosing! Once you’ve got your schedule worked out, we advise you get back to packing. There are only TWO WEEKS to go and lots to do. Ticket purchased? Tent dusted off? Toothbrush packed? Download 2016 app on your mobile? (That’s a big one – get it on Google Play or the Apple App Store if you haven’t already.) See you in Donington! \m/ Read more at http://downloadfestival.co.uk/news/announcing-download-2016-stage-times#3Ed5YpgAMprYvdZl.99