Movement Torino

The European cousin of the "Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF)", one of the most important and historical dance music Festivals of the world, held in Detroit since 2000. Movement debuts for the first time outside american borders the 15th December 2006 in Turin to celebrate the ending of the Winter Olympics.

At its 8th edition, Movement 2013's schedule runs all through October, with renewed attention to the artistic offer, territorial promotion themes, youth education, safety and environmental sustainability. Movement plans to stabilize itself as the best Italian Clever Entertainment format.

The beginning Movement lands officially, for the first time, in Turin on December 15th emotional year, was taken a decision to hold a musical event at the same location where Hockey games were played during 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. Movement is the first private event that was held in the arena designed by architect Arata Isozaki. The first edition gathered 2.500 participants. In 2007, Movement decided to expand its artistic offer and to arrange next event on the of October, Halloween party. The second edition counted 6.000 attendees, lots of them coming 31st from outside Piedmont.