Robot Festival

Thumping out a metronomic lineup of House, Dance and Electronic music more broadly, roBOt has once again curated a finely balanced programme of delicacy and power in equal measure, that will compliment the digital arts element of the festival perfectly.

Since 2008, roBOt has been grinding out its own new groove in and amongst the breathtaking architecture of Bologna, exploring the collision between human creativity and the precision of the computer machinery displayed by artists.

Audio and visual offerings will be aired side-by-side across four diverse and distinctive venues, giving particular attention this year to the idea of memory. Do we still seek to retain and relive memories in our own heads, or have we become caught up in the storage possibilities enabled by hard-drives and server space?

roBot is a unique experience, and a festival unlike any other. Set against the beauty of Bologna, it is an even harder invitation to resist.