5 Days Off

Each year, during the beginning of March, groups of musicians and visitors from all over Europe and the United States arrive in Amsterdam to participate in this electronic music festival. Inspired by Belgium’s 10 Days Off festival, 5 Days Off is the first multi-day indoor dance event in the Netherlands. It has grown out of a fairly small festival in the Amsterdam Melkweg into a true city-wide festival, which now also involves Paradiso and De Balie.
Nowadays, 5 Days Off is an important cultural meeting with a reputation reaching far across the borders, giving its young public five days of nightclubbing, live shows and performances. Since 2001, the organization puts together a program which contains a strong mix of acknowledged names and upcoming talents from the Netherlands and abroad. The organization is continuously following the latest developments within the ever evolving music industry and club culture. The festival attracts more than twenty thousand visitors annually.