STRP links art, life and technology for a wide and curious audience. In the course of five editions STRP has grown into one of the main indoor art & technology festivals in the Netherlands and even in Europe. From 2013 onwards, STRP will turn from an annual large-scale event into a permanent cultural player offering year-round activities. The biennial will be the highlight.

STRP brings together art, technology, experimental pop culture and science and links these to a wide and diverse audience; people with a curious mindset who are open to new experiences. Any discipline that displays a sense of the future will find a platform here, from electronic music to dance, from performance to installation art and design, and from robotics to film.

STRP’s partners such as Holst Center, Philips, TU/e and the programmers at 2018 Eindhoven|Brabant are happy to help us find cultural innovations rooted in the latest technology. Strijp S, the former ‘forbidden city’ owned by Philips, is STRP’s home base. With 27 hectares, which is 40 football pitches, it is the largest urban redevelopment of international acclaim in the Netherlands, and it is the centre of the Brainport area, which in turn is among the cleverest regions in the world.