In Spring 2012., Jungle Tribe decided to bring something new. To warm up the people before one of the biggest regional festivals of creativity, Mikser Festival, and inspired by various spectacles off the coasts of Buenos Aires and Ibiza, we decided to bring a FREAK SHOW to town. On May 18th 2012, we created an interactive circus with the help of two performance groups, Alternacija and Circusfair, tango, capoera and breakdance performers, and all the people who decided it was totally normal to be a little freaky every once in a while. Everything was present from mime to theater. Costumes, role play, matadors, gangsters, flappers, clowns and all that jazz. We asked the people to be creative and creative they were.

Continuing the successful collaboration with Mikser House, and within the popular Mikser Festival, on May 31st 2012. a town costume party called Gradski Maskenbal came to life. Once again, searching for a good time we put our masks on and decided to let loose. In an explosion of creativity, colors and good ideas, Mikser House was concurred by some 2000 people! It was clear that this will not be a one time thing... Same time next year, on June 1st, 3000 more people came to a new location, Depo Magazin, and decorated it with their interpretations of the theme- Jungle Tribe.

Inspired by the love we received from the people we decided to give back the same way- WITH LOVE, because nothing is more important. Together with a well known festival from Vrnjacka Banja called LoveFest we organized a spectacular party called LoveDistrict on November 11th 2012. The idea was a 100% clear- peace, love and good vibrations! The hall of Magacin Depo was decorated in spectacular scenografy, umbrellas, confetti, and color! All of the 4000 people danced their night away to the sounds of some of the best local DJ-s of the electronic scene along with the popular Syntheticsax. The word got out fast, and not long after that, part 2 of LoveDistrict was scheduled for March 8th 2013 with a special dedication to all the better halves out there. There was no better gift for Women's day than a party dedicated to celebrating love, with even more people dancing their hearts away than the first time. The concept of love grew, it consumed our people. We were a nation of love! We needed more space because the energy was overwhelming! On November 9th 2013 we moved to a new, bigger location, Belexpo Center, we brought bigger DJs- Jerome Isma-Ae, Lea Dobricic, Zwein and others, who rocked the stage with their magical beats! We weren’t sure how long this magic would last, how much love the people had to give. But soon after it was obvious to us that the beautiful faces painted in fluorescent lights had much more to say… They whispered- Woman’s Day. So back we came to this celebratory date- March 8th 2014. Dejan Milicevic, Calavera & Manya… We came back to the roots, where the love grew for the first time- Magacin Depo. The energy of our Love Nation brought the house down! We have so much to give, so much love to show… We have just started and we have only one goal. It’s not hard- Love, Sleep, Rave, Repeat!!!

Because we are people that love to get to know different places, people and cultures, we decided to take you with us to CHINA TOWN! Grab your fortune cookie, meet Brus Lee, and please, don't be afraid of the dragons and tigers in the corner- they also like to party! Another innovative theme party took place in Depo Magacin on May 18th 2013. 3500 people raved to sets of Daniel Cehranov, Calavera & Manya, Vid Marjanovic and Luka Vukovic and Ivan Radovic in a b2b session. We danced then and we will dance again, kung fu style, in another episode of China Town party scheduled for April 2014.

But, before we go that far, lets get into a little bit of mystery and wonder! On October 12th 2013. We made a fairy tale - Serbia Wonderland!!! An incredible 6000 wonderful people joined our fairies, avatars, elves and butterflies in an explosion of colors, confetti, and magical scenography at the Hall 5 of the Belgrade Fair. Inspired by some of the biggest festivals in the world such as Tomorrowland and Burning Man, we decided to bring a little wonder and magic to Serbia and build the festival together with the people, as we are all part of the fairytale. All together, we brought the phenomenal DJs Omnia and Sied Van Riel to Belgrade for the first time! Along with the captivating music, scenography and happy colourfull fluorescent people we made a night that none of us will ever forget! The energy captivated not only us but our DJs as well who went on their way to spread the word of this magical place with people that danced like none other before… We realized the first Serbia Wonderland was just the beginning- an introduction to a tale that was yet to be written. The magical people wrote the first chapter soon after. On December 7th they wished for an Explosion of Ice… Thousands of superheroes came together to celebrate the beats of the captivating Eddie Halliwell, Max Graham and Julian Jordan. The Belgrade Fair hall was the place to be! We left our DJs smiling and wondering who these peculiar people were. These people didn’t rest… They just jumped and danced and sang. This road was leading to one goal: Serbia Wonderland Open Air Festival! But another chapter had to be written. So we gathered Aly&Fila, Simon Patterson, Andrew Rayel and Beltek under the Fiery Sky, where they made creations like never before, turning flames into beats and melodies. Now we have made it! Our people have brought us to our mutual goal- the magical Open Air festival. History is waiting to be written on June 20th and 21st. The wonder under the starry sky awaits you!!!

WHERE: Serbia
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.serbiawonderland.com